PLAYAFLIES at Burningman 2006

If you want to become a playafly

here are your options

                                 Info Only Please - Step by step instructions

o                                                        Cost:  FREE 

o                                                        Make your own playafly instructions (warning, there is an error in the instructions. Please review the wiring diagram to properly wire in the bucktoot. The photos and the text in the instructions have the bucktoot wired backward. We will correct this soon.)

o                                                        parts list

o                                                        wiring scheme



Just Blinky Things (Sorry sold out)

o                                                        25 LEDs (these we buy in bulk and can pass the savings on to you)


If you would like to see video of the playaflies in action visit 

If you have any pictures or videos, please let us know. We would love copies.