Re: Nellie Lim's "Need to Order"

From: Jo Falcon (
Date: Wed Jul 23 1997 - 13:42:37 PDT

Dear Nellie:

Thanks for your interest in the Exploratorium Snacks! Your question has
brought up some interesting issues. The "Order" button on each Snack page
will lead you to information on ordering the Snack *Books* by phone, fax,
or mail -- but those instructions don't take into account that the Snacks,
no longer limited to book form, are now available internationally via the
WWW. Yours is the first international request for books that the Snack
page has generated, but it won't be the last.

International orders will be accommodated on the Exploratorium's new
website store catalog, available in September. Until then, please fax
mail or phone the store (as shown at the "Order" button) to request a
shipping quotation. We prefer to ship UPS because it is insured and
trackable; shipping by other methods requires the customer to assume
liability for loss or damage. I've forwarded your request to the
appropriate person -- you should have an answer soon.

Thanks again for your interest!

Jo Falcon
Learning Center Intern

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