Air Suspension/Balls

From: Phil Holzbauer (
Date: Fri Nov 28 1997 - 08:38:24 PST

As a science teacher and a licensed pilot, I really appreciate your
debunking of the "facts" about air rejoining as it travels over and
under an airplane wing. I try to teach science 'truth' in my classroom
but often find textbooks are in error, perpetrating the same half-truths
and no-truths for decade after decade. I made students shoot two
differently colored jets of air over and under a wing shape and they
quickly came to the correct conclusion, the airstreams do not meet
A simple question to my students began the wing experimentation; :"If
the shape of an aircraft wing... pulls it up... , why doesn't an
airplane fly into the ground when inverted....(Smile)

Philip Holzbauer MSE
Chopticon High School
Morganza, MD 20650

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