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A good place to start for this sort of information is the reference desk
at your local library. Our library is finishing up our move into new
quarters and we are not set up to answer reference questions yet.
However, you might try the following websites:

--Electricity and Electronics is an Internet Teaching and Learning
Resources site presented by the UK Technology Education Center. It has
many links to information and activities on electricity and electronics.

--Electricity and Magnetism are discussed at this site and
definitions are given of some basic terms.

--Electricity and Magnetism, a different site with the same name as
the one above, this page links to other pages with principle-related

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On Sat, 14 Mar 1998, J. Michael Kwok wrote:

> Hi Exploratorium,
> Love your web site. My daughter did the hand battery experiment with
> her friends at school for her science experiment and got some great
> results. But now she needs related articles on electrical currents
> to complete her research.
> Got any you can send her or where I can find out more info?
> Thanks again.
> Mike Kwok

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