From: Klein (
Date: Fri Mar 27 1998 - 18:38:16 PST

Hi, I'm Andrew Klein, a senior at Stillwater Area HS in Stillwater,
Minnesota. I'm doing some experiments regarding electromagnets for a
physics class and I found the Exploratorium's page on an Internet
search. The Magnetic Suction snack especially interested me. But, as
it is geared for a younger audience, it's pretty simple for a high
school project.

Anyway, my question for you is: Do you have any information on a more
detailed, more powerful electromagnet? If not, do you have any places
on the 'Net or any books or other sources I could look? My searches
have been coming up dry, and I thought that someone in the business
might be able to give me a hand.

This is just another shot in the dark for me, but anything you could
provide without wasting too much of your time would be of great help.
My e-mail address is if you find anything
worth sending along. Thanks a lot!

        Andrew Klein

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