Eddy Currents

From: Charl dB Wentzel (wentzelc%netfa.sabs@mail.sabs.co.za)
Date: Thu Apr 16 1998 - 03:14:05 PDT

Dear sir

You'll be supprised by this message, I think

I'm an electrical engineer work for a high power lab in South Africa.
I've just been given the job of braking our generators after shut
down. These generators has rotors of up to 12 tons and run at speeds
of about 1000 to 3000 rpm.

I have a concept based on the idea of eddy currents. If I mount an
aluminum disk at the end of the rotor of the generator and then apply
a magnetic field accross the ends of the disk. It should slow it
down, shouldn't it?

Thanks for the idea.

Do you know of other applications of this type? I need reseach
material, do you have any suggestions.


Charl dB Wentzel
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