charge and carry snack

Date: Thu Jan 07 1999 - 11:37:41 PST

 i saw youre charge and carry web page and i dont understand some concepts.
if you can answer the following questions it would be helpful :
Q1 if i take a negatively charged insulator and place it between 2 conducting
would there be a charge on the the plates? (in other words can i charge a
capacitor by

Q2 how can i continually build upcharge on a leyden jar doesnt it oppose
wouldnt that be equivalent to charging one of the plates of the capacitor and
then the other plate would be charged by induction?

Q3 how can electricity travel through my body and cause a spark after all im
not a conductor?

Q4.what is the meaning of ground and why is it used
i understand it means atatching the device to the ground by a wire but why
dosent a flash light need grounding ?

if you can answer most of these questions the best you can ,i would appreciate

thank you

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