From: Jim Bergshoeff (
Date: Sun Jan 24 1999 - 11:21:55 PST

I am doing the Geyser science snack and I was wondering if you could
give me some more information about it and answer some of my questions.
This is for a science project about geysers.
Currently I am using the following

tube- 1/2 inch copper tube, 44 inches long
flask- 1L pyrex boling flask
plastic container- 600 g yoghurt pot
stopper- rubber ring and putty
heat- from 2-element heater

How high is the geyser expected to erupt? When I did mine the first
cycle was the highest, it went about 60cm up and in short spurts, sort
of like blup shhhhhhhh------blup shhhhhhhh--------blup blup. Is that
how it is supposed to go? And then the water sucked back in and filled
up the flask again.
I also have another problem. If I want to display and operate the geyser
at the science fair, I need some way to contain the water so it does not
spray everywhere. can you think of any way i could do this with the
geyser stll being able to keep erupting?
Do you have any suggestions for making this a better experiment?

Thank you in advance for your help.
                                 Jen B.

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