Charge and Carry (fwd)

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Date: Wed Mar 24 1999 - 19:44:32 PST

 From Sat Mar 20 08:26:20 1999
 From: "Ronnie" <>
 To: <>
 Subject: Charge and Carry
 Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 11:23:25 -0500
 I can't get the Electrophorus/ Layden jar to work. I am using a wool =
 blind cleaner for the wool. Does it have to be a cloth? Is what I am =
 using ok? It is a little dusty. Does that matter? I am making one for =
 a school project, and I need you to write back by Monday, 3-22-99, if =
 possible. My e-mail address is Thanks!!!

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