Polarizes light snacks

From: EHFREEMAN@aol.com
Date: Tue Apr 06 1999 - 08:57:55 PDT

I have been doing demonstrations with polarized light film for my students
for about 10 years. One visit to your web site and I have picked up one new
one I have never heard of the one with glue sticks. I have always produced
the sunset using sodium thiosulfate and hydrochloric acid. I can't wait to
try the experiment with gluesticks. Just for fun, try putting several sizes
of plastic microwell plates between two polarizing filters. The 96, 48 and
24 well plates all display some very colorful patterns. It is a great way to
show the stress from the molding process. I was not aware that the light
changed speed as it passed though different depths of sugar. I thought that
because the magnetic component of the wave was removed that the polarity of
the molecule( which occurs because it is asymmetrical )affected the light
differently at different depths and caused the light to rotate differing
degrees. I could not make myself believe the speed of light could change.
It did seem the more sensible explanation. Refraction and rotating light
were separate concepts in my mind. Maybe I'm still confused.
Esther H. Freeman

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