Look Into Infinity Snack

From: MSmith3190@cs.com
Date: Mon Aug 09 1999 - 14:57:29 PDT

First, let me say that all the Snacks that I have looked at are great. Thank
you for wonderful ideas. I have a mirror box that I made that goes well with
this Snack. I took 6 square mirror tiles (from a hardware store that were
made for using on a wall) and taped them together with the mirrors facing in.
 I hinged the lid of the box so that it is easy to open and close. I used
duct tape and have had to retape it every couple of years but otherwise it
has been pretty sturdy. I put a small battery powered light in the bottom of
the box. When you open the lid just a crack and peek in, you see quite a
light show! Try it.

Maureen Smith, Jardine Middle School, Topeka, Kansas

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