Re: Help!! (fwd)

Date: Sat Oct 23 1999 - 20:30:59 PDT

George --

I do have directions for building a small electric motor that you might be
interested in. From your description of the one you built many years ago, I'm
sure that mine isn't the same one, but it might serve your purposes. It was
published in the 60's in a Time-Life book on Energy, and also was reworked by
paul Hewitt and used in his Conceptual Physics. I can scan it and fax it, or
send it by regular mail. Just email me the fax number or the mailing address.
Possibly I could send it as an attached file in email, but I'm not sure
whether you'll be able to read it, so the other options might be more
straightforward. let me know.

Hope this will help--

Don Rathjen
Physics Teacher, Exploratorium Teacher Institute


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