laser jello

From: Heidi Black (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 11:49:33 PST


I'm serving as science fair coordinator for East Side Union High School
District in San Jose. It is a new job that I'm sort of making up as I
go along. We have received some generous support from Synopsys,
Nextlink and Xilinx. Along the way we have decided to create a district

science fair to be held at Eastridge Mall. It is all very exciting.
So, you might guess that I'm happy that your son is doing a science fair


The dishes are available from Sargent-Welch. They are called refraction

tanks WL3502
12 for $25 800-727-4368

A regular petri dish would work-or you can make the jello in a large
baking dish and cut out whatever shape you like. You might also try a
local high school physics class to see if you might borrow a dish.

Let me kow of your son's successes!

Looking Forward,
Heidi Strahm Black

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