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From: Tracy Tymm (
Date: Fri Dec 31 1999 - 13:13:02 PST

thank you. i'll be sure to look at the site. robyn
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+AD4- The Snacktalk Feedback you have written to is a forum for discussing
+AD4- science experiments which were given the name of Snack. See
+AD4- if you are
+AD4- interested in more information about our Snacks. Good luck with your
+AD4- cat. You might try web sites about pets.
+AD4- Nina Thayer
+AD4- Snacktalk Moderator
+AD4- +AD4-
+AD4- +AD4- Could you write back to me telling me a few snack ideas for my new cat?
+AD4- +AD4- Thanx.
+AD4- +AD4- Robyn age13
+AD4- +AD4-
+AD4- +AD4-

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