Re: Benham's Disk

From: On-line Snack discussion (snaktalk)
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 17:44:03 PST

The pattern you should use is provided by link from the Snack. There is
a link on the word here in the assembly section that takes you to a page
you print out to give you the pattern for the disk. The here link takes
you to
You will see that this pattern is black on one side and has lines on the
other. Does that help?

Nina Thayer
Snacktalk Moderator
> Hi, I'm an 8th grade student interested in trying this experiment. I am
> not sure of the pattern that is to be on the pattern disk. Is it only
> that half the disk is white and the other is black? Am i supposed to
> have lines in it like the picture on your web site shows?
> Thank you,
> Kasi

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