the wonders of light and color......

From: Benedetto Garacci (
Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 23:26:28 PDT

To whom it may concern:

Please help me if you can,

I know that magenta is equal amounts of Blue light and Red light....from
combining the near and far end of the visible light specturm.

I have always been a little confused as to its wavelength and nanometer. I
have always seen the visible light spectrum (illustrated in books) as a
straight line graphic, a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum..... If
magenta is no different than the other two subtractive colors in white
light.... cyan and yellow..... why is it show in graphs as combining one end
of the visible light specturm to the other...... Shouldn't it be a circular
graph.... when displayed in the electromagnetic spectrum? If so, does it
have special properties? or wavelengths?

Magenta, has always been very puzzling to me.... I've done all the
expirements with white light...... it still remains somewhat of a mystery to

Can you please shed some light on this matter..... I would greatly
appreciate it.

I am currently working on my axis theory..... in short, it deals with
several principals of light , color, speed, and relativity.

I could realy benifit from talking to the right individual(s) about these


Benedetto Garacci Photographer/Artist

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