Hand Battery

From: DonRath@aol.com
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 10:57:25 PDT

Nina --

Thanks for forwarding the Hand Battery reply. Adela actually also sent me a
separate reply, which I'm sending to you here -- much the same thing, only a
bit more detailed. For some reason it won't forward, so I just copied it and
put it after the ************* line below.

Incidentally, in the course of all this I finally realized that the person
who had set this up in their kitchen at an earlier date -- who both you and I
referenced in our replies -- was..... me! I had completely forgotten I had
done this (I thought it was probably Paul!) until I happened to look at the
snacktalk comments myself! Oh, well! At least the aluminum foil was a new
twist, and fortunately it isn't a very elaborate setup!


Thank you so very much for your response. Although it came a bit too late

for the institute, it certainly will help me in future work with this

set-up. I don't know if you were forwarded my latest response in my line of

questioning... I returned to Radio Shack with the whole set-up. The minute

the salesperson there put his hands on it, he got a good reading on the

analog ammeter. I tried it again -- nothing. He determined that my hands

were probably too clean and too dry. Wetting them with tap water produced

no results, but spitting on them did allow me to see a reading. When I set

it up last week for the teacher group, all of them got some sort of a

reading (but not me), although not quite as high as I recall my students

getting. Also, the Radio Shack person said the only digital meters he had

were way over $100, and that seemed a bit steep for my purposes --

especially since I had seen the analog meter work for him. We tried one of

the digital meters they had behind the counter - the best he said he had,

and we got no readings.

I intend to keep playing, but, again, I do thank you very nuch for your

thorough response to my question. Since I am being transferred to out high

school this year, I figure I can borrow whatever meters our physics teacher

has and try some more.


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