Do you run competitions?

From: Philip Collie, Schoolzone (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 04:18:16 PDT

If so, and if they are of interest to educational communities, you might
like to promote them free through Schoolzone. Next week we are launching a
Competitions Section to the Schoolzone website (UK's most used education
portal site - 16,000 users per day). We are looking for competitions which
change on a regular basis, not on-line games. If you have such project
running, please send us a brief description, URL and end date - very
important: entries will not be accepted without this. We'll give it a high
profile on the site and send you traffic.

Education News: our SZNews service is now running in beta test form at if you'd like to have a look - remember you are
able to contribute your own items (see ) and refer traffic back to your
own site.

Help us! We are trying to find more email advisers for our Teacher Support
service: it is open to teachers only and all enquiries are vetted before
sending - if you volunteer, we won't send you any time-wasting enquiries.
Just reply to this email with your area of expertise in the subject line
(and any extra info you may want to add in the body), and we'd be glad to
add your name or organisation's name to our supporters page (under
construction). There isn't a huge demand for this you will probably only
get one enquiry a week or so

 I hope we can continue to support your website in any ways you might need.

Best of everything,


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