from a Science teacher gr 5-8

From: Frank T Todaro (
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 09:27:34 PDT

Dear Folks at Exploratorium:
     I stumbled across your site this past summer when I was taking a
distance course online. I love it, and plan to send my students online
to prepare for our science fair.
    I looked through all your wonderful projects, but I was wondering if
you have any information about holograms. There used to be a holographic
museum here in New York many years ago, but it has been closed down due
to lack of interest and funding. There is nothing else of its kind that
I can find in this region. Could you perhaps email me with any
interesting projects you may have come across, or sites you would
recommend for such information.
My email adress is (I'm including the address
because I'm not sure it will come across on this page.) Thanks.
Lillian Todaro

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