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I didn't have time to look up much for you, but you could try some of
the books on the Light and Color Resources page including:
Complete book of holograms: How they work and how to make them, Joseph
E. Kasper and Steven A. Feller , John Wiley & Sons, 1987

Nina Thayer
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> Dear Folks at Exploratorium:
> I stumbled across your site this past summer when I was taking a
> distance course online. I love it, and plan to send my students online
> to prepare for our science fair.
> I looked through all your wonderful projects, but I was wondering if
> you have any information about holograms. There used to be a holographic
> museum here in New York many years ago, but it has been closed down due
> to lack of interest and funding. There is nothing else of its kind that
> I can find in this region. Could you perhaps email me with any
> interesting projects you may have come across, or sites you would
> recommend for such information.
> My email adress is (I'm including the address
> because I'm not sure it will come across on this page.) Thanks.
> Lillian Todaro

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