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From: 003834@fabens.k12.tx.us
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 10:16:06 PDT

What we didn't know was that the the air flowing upward hits the bottom
of the ball and slows down, generating a higher air pressure. This helps
keep the ball up. Then the atmospheric pressure pushes down the ball,
keeping the ball down and from going side to side.
When it didn't work we felt it was never going to work because we
thought it was going to keep falling and falling.
A way of improving the experiment is to have a greater source of air,
such as a fan. We liked the fact that the ball stayed suspended in the
air over the hair dryer. We also liked that when you put the cloth over
the ball, the ball would stay put.

Araceli E.
Allen T.
Paz C.
David M.

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