Descartes Diver

Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 07:16:46 PST

We learned that if you were to take an empty soda bottle, fill it with
water, and put a full eye dropper into the capped bottle, you are able
to move the eyedropper by squeezing the sides of the bottle. After many
trials of trying to get the eye dropper to actually move, we finally got
it stay afloat in the water without sinking or rising too high to the
top. What it lacked from the beginning was mass. So, we added a piece of
clay to our dropper. It worked perfectly after that. Once our experiment
was performed, we figured out scientifically that it was due to the
density of our eye dropper. What causes this density is the extra mass
we add to it by filling the eye dropper with water. As the eye dropper
rises, the air bubble in the dropper also rises to the top. But, if we
squeeze the sides of the bottle, the bubble seems to dissapear. Our
conclusion was the eye dropper float because it's less dense and it
sinks because we cause an increase of density with the pressure of the

                                                                                April, David, Lorena, Daisy, Marisela

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