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From: DonRath@aol.com
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 12:10:24 PST

Hi Nina -- I'm forwarding this to you, as well as two others that followed
(my reply and her thanks -- I'll forward them separately) that are part of
the same interchange, because it came directly to me, rather than to
Snacktalk, but is concerned with the Hand Battery snack. It's similar to ones
we've had before, and part of my reply is taken from a previous one. You can
keep them for your files if they're useful, or just delete them if they
aren't. At any rate there's nothing more that has to be done with them --
just for your info. -- Don

attached mail follows:

Hey DonRath~I was wondering if you could please help me on this experiment!!
I've done what the directions did but nothing has happened. I have a 1000m
Ammeter and thats the one they sold me at Radio Shack but the guy might not
have known what he was doing. I'm not sure if I have connected the alligator
clips right to the medal or not either. My uncle who has been helping me has
said that the alligator clips are too strong for this little electrical
current to go through. Its a science fair project and really need to get this
working pretty soon~so i would really appreciate some help and suggestions!!
Thanks so much~

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