Stripped Down Motor

Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 14:30:47 PST

Sorry this is so late in coming -- I hope it's still of use.

The Stripped Down Motor is so small and delicate that it's hard to actually
use it in the way that a motor is normally used -- that is, to run something.
So for your experimentation you might try making measurements on its
electrical input, using a multimeter. This wouldn't involve any physical
connections to the motor itself -- all meter connections could be made so
that they wouldn't disturb the running of the motor. You could measure
voltage and current, and then multiply the voltage (in volts) times the
current (in amps) to obtain the power (in watts). You could then try using a
different number of coils, or stronger magnets, or anything else you can
think of to vary, and see whether the power consumption is affected.

Just an idea, but hope it helps. Good luck!

Don Rathjen
Exploratorium Teacher Institute

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