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Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 04:44:15 PST

When I get your point correctly, then a fast spinning wheel of a bicycle, or a
motorbike that is going (fast) downhill should not be able to tilt in turns. ?
Or what force makes it tilt in this case? And my next related question, I am an
enthousiast biker in the European Alps. When descending, speed can easily reach
50 miles/hr. Does it matter for the cornering behaviour (at high speeds) whether
my bike is fitted with climbing wheels that weigh a little more than 1 lb (with
featherlight rims and tires), or with regular racing wheels and tires that weigh
twice that much. The heavier the bike + rider, the faster you will go downhill,
right? My point is: will a bike with heavy wheels have the tendency to go
straight instead of into the bend?

Thank you for an answer

Sjef Schellings

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