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Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 11:39:19 PST

We are happy to answer your question, but please remember that the Web
isn't the only source of information around. Your local public or school
library most likely has information on what you are looking for.

To get you started on a potato electricity project, go to:

I used Google <> and searched on the terms:

and found several sources. The one above is just one.


> >
> > Help!
> > My 7 year old daughter wants to make a clock run on the electricity
> > generated from a potato. I have seen this done but need some information on
> > the set-up and the science behind where it works. I have searched the web and
> > can not seem to find the info. I need.
> > Any advice, suggestions, comments
> > would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
> >

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