Charge and Carry: Leyden jar

From: Nicholas Bodley (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 09:28:14 PST

While the construction is clever and practical, can't we retire
Leyden jars as about 200 years out of date? They are bad for teaching
science, because a jar holds flowable material (with the help of
gravity!); I'd be surprised if no students came away with the idea
that electricity can be captured in jars. (How heavy is electricity?)

Much better to use aluminum foil, rubber cement, and a sheet of
acrylic plastic (or roll up some Al foil and two sheets or more of
food wrap!).

Make a capacitor out of rolled food foils, and couple audio through
it. Try to pass DC through it...

Still reading the site. Learned a bit more about scattering, thank to

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