Gray step: Printable pattern (or the lack of it)

From: Nicholas Bodley (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 13:27:10 PST

Golly! I'm surprised. Screen and printer resolution aren't a problem.
Any decent modern computer (VGA category or better) should be able to
display 256 shades of gray (I don't mean color, necessarily; just
colorless gray.) Whether a 256-step gray "step wedge" can be printed
depends upon the quality of your printer and its software. As well,
don't forget about gamma. What you see on the screen might not match
what you print, although I don't expect much of a problem on that
account. What I might be missing is that only maybe 50 of those 256
steps are what the experiment needs, and that *is* tougher.

Dither patterns are another item of concern, and, indeed, that's
where printer resolution comes into play.

It's probably true that 256-shade gray images can look just fine on
the screen, but printing a limited-range gray "fountain" (iirc,
that's the term") might be a different matter.

Best of luck!

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