Bicycle wheel gyro

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Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 16:39:23 PST

We did this in high school, iirc. Seems our bicycle wheel came from
one of the scientific educational supply houses ,and cost maybe 2/3
the price of a complete inexpensive bike. Hope I'm wrong on that.

Questions about gyros: Suppose you mount two gyros rigidly to each
other, with their spin axes 90 degrees apart. When you pick up the
assembly, what do you feel as to degrees of angular freedom, and
precessional effects? Suppose you spin up one gyro in the opposite

The Navy Sperry gyrocompass used on in the Gearing class destroyers
(DD 692/710) had a rotor running in a vacuum (it had a vacuum gauge
attached). The rotor weighed 70 pounds, and spun at 11,000 rpm.
Fairly sure of these figures. Power came from a motor-generator that
(iirc) put out 146 Hz 3-phase, perhaps at 70 volts.

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