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From: RALSON JEMMY (ralsonjemmy@rediffmail.com)
Date: Sun May 26 2002 - 00:41:27 PDT

hi everybody..

i'm a science enthusiast and working in embedde s/w

i have some problem with some ir related project.. i was searching
for some solution on the net got hooke with u guys..

hope i can explain my problem over here..this was a project
started by someon else and got into my hand later ..so i won't be
able to change anything in the mechanical design which is already
freezed long back..

here it is ..

there is a rotaing body inside an emclosed cicular column..i have
to measure the spped of the rotaing body through a small thick
glass window ..on the rotaitng drum ther are some silver
reflectors to represent therotations..
there is an existing cicuit to amplifyt he whole signal..my real
problem is the power consumption by this two stage amplifier.as i
observethe signal from the ir transcievers i could see signal
glitching downwords corresponding to the reflectors..that means
the ir transmitted are more reflecting back from the rotating body
and the glitch could be because of the reflector ,in some angle
the ir stream is out of focussed..
since the rotaing body is very close to the window ,its abt 25mm
away,ther is alway a chance the ir reflects more..so thought if
ther is an aborber rather than a reflector icould use some samll
transistor amplifiers and save power..
hope you will be able to help me..


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