Re: Emergency Help Needed

From: On-line Snack discussion (snaktalk)
Date: Wed Jul 17 2002 - 18:10:25 PDT

 This is not an emergency response e-mail address. Are you referring to
 the hand boiler toy? I hope you checked the package if you still have it
 or with whoever you got the boiler from. One of the sites that sells
 these, American Science & Surplus says the liquid is
 methyl chloride. They also include the following: "WARNING! The glass
 is fragile and the liquid is nasty. If you drop the thing on e.g. the
 kitchen tile, it will eat the finish off the tile and the stain in the
 liquid will permanently stain the floor. So donšt let kids handle this
 item unsupervised."
 I sincerely hope your son got appropriate help and is fine. Please let us
 Nina Thayer
 Snacktalk Moderator
> My son was washing his boiler when it broke and covered him with the fluid
> inside. He also got some in his mouth due to his "knee-jerk" reaction at it
> breaking. I need to know what the liquid inside is composed of and if it is
> dangerous. Your immediate response is appreciated.
> Thomas Purtell
> 520-272-5466 H
> 520-225-6453 W

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