lactose allergy

From: Michelle Singleton (
Date: Thu Oct 24 2002 - 07:21:04 PDT

I have a question regarding lactose intolerance/allergy.

My husband says he has an allergy to plain milk and is lactose
intolerant. He knows this because he says he was hospitalized for nearly
a week as a small child and everyone has told him since that time it was
due to this allergy to milk.
Well, he refuses to drink plain milk and says just the smell of regular
milk makes him ill, due to this. However, he drinks chocolate milk
everyday, eats ice cream, loves cheese cake, eats cheese and so forth.

He claims that when you change the milk, i.e. adding chocolate Quik to
it, it doesn't produce the same alleged allergic reaction as just plain
milk. I say that has to be ridiculous and if you are so allergic you had
to be hospitalized for a week, there is no way you could stand any milk
product or by-product.

I think that he is simply so stubborn and resistant to the idea that
what all the "old timers" have told him all his life could be wrong and
it is all in his head as a result.

Could anyone clarify this for me or point me to some evidence about the


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