Two Way Glass (mirror)

Date: Sat Jun 14 2003 - 07:29:13 PDT

My question pertains to two way glass. I have read that it should be unlikely for someone on the brighter side of the viewed glass to be unable to see through to the darker side. As I understand the only reason seems to be the human eyes' inability to see the darker side while the lighter side is being perceived which would be caused by the eyes' iris. So if the eyes was aided with another piece of two-way glass which blocked the reflected light and brought the light level back equal with the darker room what would be seen? I am guessing that it probably would not still allow the eye to see the darker room because the math to the light would not be aligned right or would bounce in some way that would not work. What about an electronic camera with an iris and filters? Basically is there any possible way in practice or theory that would allow someone on the light side to see through to the darker side and of course without changing the room lighting.
Please explain as much with as much detail as possible.
Thank You in advance for your time!!
Jon Burke

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