Is this a trick?

Date: Tue Oct 05 2004 - 21:30:50 PDT

Dear Science Snack People,

          I recently saw a demonstration that was supposed to be somewhat
psychic in nature, but I believe it to be a trick involving the center of gravity
of the human body. Could you please help me on this?

          You stand and rub your hands vigorously in front of you for a few
seconds. Then you extend your left arm out to the side ( if you're
right-handed) with the back of your hand facing forward. The "psychic" then places
thier left hand on your right shoulder, and their right hand on your extended
left wrist. A question is asked, then you are to push up as hard as you can
with your left arm as the other person pushes down. If your arm is easily goes
down, the answer is negative. If you are able to resist the pressure, the
answer is positive.

          I believe this to be a trick, but don't understand how it is done.
 Is the trickster pushing in or down on your right shoulder while you are
distracted by the question and activity on your left, thereby effecting your
balance or center of gravity somehow? Could you please explain exactly how this
is done?

          The answer to this question is extremely important to me, as it
involves a trust issue with a new acquaintance. Any help you could give me
would be deeply appreciated.

          I have just found your website, and find it very interesting. I
know my sister will love it, as she is a third grade teacher and is always
looking for new and fun projects for her class.

          I thank you for your time.

       Melissa Monteith

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