Question about Polarization

From: Andrew Davidhazy (
Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 09:13:35 PDT

Since the spectrum does not contain the color magenta in it, then in a
crossed polarizer set up is magenta seen due to the fact that green has
been selectively removed from the incident white light beam and we see
some red and some blue and thus preceive magenta?

Further, if this is so, then all the colors seen in a polarization
system are due to the mixture of those wavelengths that pass through the
analyzer. In the case of magenta both red and blue must be passing
through while when we see green then in that area green has lined up its
plane of polarization with that of the analyzer.
So we see colors both due to subtraction of specific wavelengths and to
simple transmission of others. Is this correct?


Andrew Davidhazy,  Professor
School of Photo Arts and Sciences / RIT

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