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From: Richard Hole (
Date: Thu Jan 12 2006 - 20:48:44 PST



I read the page about how heat can weaken magnets at . I plan to make up
a wind meter that has some magnets attached. I plan to use magnets that
come from computer hard drives. Do you think that the sun would weaken
the magnets over time as the instrument is out in the open sun?

Do you want to swap links with any of my sites linked to
I have many different sites at with rare
information that could benefit many people and include:

1. Community groups to help many people by searching for extraordinary
people or methods that are significantly better than those widely

2. A wide range inventions that can improve our lives

3. A lobby group to help the needy, with innovative solutions to the
country's problems.

4. True conspiracies we need to be aware of, and the solutions.

5. A weather organization where people can record and share their local

6. Information on the picturesque, safe and pleasant area where we live.

7. True Christianity. * Suppressed truths vital to know which are not
taught at church.

* Solutions. * Answers. * A better system. * Ways to bring revival.
* Prophecy. * Widespread deceptions.

* Who is supernaturally led by God like the apostles. * How can we be
led by God?


Any feedback is welcome.


Your help will be appreciated,

Regards Richard.

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