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Science activities for Middle and High school science teachers

Stuff about me
Eric Muller
Learn about the fasincating Eric Muller.
The TI site
The Teacher Institute
A cool place to hang-out if you're a science teacher.


do science
Do Science
Do Science!
My other website. Activities and services from my other life.


TI Film Fest

The Teacher Institute Film Festival
The TI Film Festival is an international collection of science films, videos and on-line content shown to a bunch of teachers in a darkened room.

Teacher Handouts

Teacher Conference Handouts
Save paper by printing only the conference handouts you like


the book
The Book

While You're Waiting for the Food to Come
A Book of Hands-on Science activities that can be done in a restaurant or wherever food is served.


dont know
The Poster

Earth Anatomy Poster
A cross-section of the Earth. Created while at Tufts University's
Wright Center for Innovation in Science Education
lab safety
Teacher Made
Teacher Created Animations
Animations and Webpages created by teachers in my classes



lab safety
TI Videos

TI Made Videos
Videos and Animations made for teachers by the Staff of the Teacher Insititute. Our Youtube channel is at:



coming soon
Course Curriculum
Summer curriculum for 2 and 4 week summer institutes

coming soon

An abrivatied list of my presentations:

Other great sites:

Paul Doherty
Sebastian Martin
Don Rathjen
Karen Kalumuck
Lori Lambertson
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