Colored Shadows and Mirrors

At the Colored Shadows Exhibit

use a mirror about 4 cm wide and 25 cm long.

The mirror will reflect 3 fingers of light, red green and blue, matching the colors of the lamps.

Hold your finger above the mirror to cast three shadows that line up with the three light reflections. The finger shadows are in the complementary colors of the mirror reflected lights. Cyan finger above red light, magenta finger above green, and yellow finger above blue.

A mirror reflects the lights at the colored shadows exhibit.


If the mirror is pressed into the wall of the colored shadows exhibit. above it the three light reflections, red green and blue, blend to make cyan, yellow and white, showing additive color.

Below the three shadows, magenta, can and yellow, blend together to make red, blue and black, showing subtractive color.

A mirror reflects light above and blocks light below.

Rolf Engh one of the teachers at Tom Tit showed me the first activity above.

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1 Feb 2000