Water Cycle Video

Solid, liquid, and gas


One of the most pervasive cycles in our lives is the water cycle. This 14 minute long video by Andre Zdravic shows all phases of the water cycle in beautiful detail accompanied by natural water sounds. In this activity students are asked to write and deliver a narration for the video.


To Do and Notice

Watch the video.

Choose a section of the video and write a narration for it.

The bottom of this page contains the timings for each scene in the water cycle video.

When the video plays again deliver your narration.

Notice how the phase changes of water appear in nature.

Mention the phase change that occurs in each scene.


What's Going On?

The video begins with the emission of water from volcanic rocks in Iceland. It then proceeds to illustrate the parts of the water cycle that are visible on the surface of the earth. It ends with a view of the sun through veils of steam created when lava flows into the ocean showing the two power sources that drive the water cycle: radiation from the sun and heat flow from inside the earth.

This activity combines science, writing and public speaking and thus is an excellent example of integrating science with other disciplines. It provides an interesting way to get students who are interested in film or video careers involved in science.

"Water Cycle"

Edited master video Log


CHAPTER Start Time Code

  1. 1:36 Geysers geysers/lceland
  2. 2:31 Outgassing/condensation geothermal plant/Iceland
  3. 2:59 Mist & Fog Alaska range
  4. 3:29 Clouds flying through/Arizona
  5. 4:00 Growing Cumulus boiling Cumulus/New Mexico
  6. 4:17 Rain Veils veils/New Mexico
  7. 4:22 Lightning lightning/New Mexico
  8. 4:45 Precipitation rain on river Soca/Alps,Slovenia
  9. 5:21 Rivers U/W thumblin'rocks
  10. 5:47 Bubbles&Drops flying drops
  11. 5:57 Waterfalls Gulfoss falls, Iceland
  12. 6:10 Rivers on land from air(W.of Alps, Europe)
  13. 6:18 Ice Crystals halo, New mexico
  14. 6:45 Snow c/u erosion, New Mex.volcano
  15. 6:57 Rime Ice/Fog rime ice in trees, Slovenia
  16. 7:09 Dendritic Ice window pane, Slovenia
  17. 7:19 Melting ice Glacier Bay terminus river, Alaska
  18. 7:55 Floating Ice Great Lakes slush (Milwaukee)
  19. 8:09 Ice plates thin sheets moving " "
  20. 8:43 Waves shorebreak Yokohama Bay, Oahu
  21. 9:07 Waves&Land wave cascades down rock, CA
  22. 9:32 Drips&Plants cave drips, near Davenport, CA
  23. 10:00 Estuary&Animals pipers run, SF beach
  24. 10:21 Sinking into Ground golden receeding surf, Mendocino
  25. 10:44 Foam foam blowing in, Ocean Beach, SF
  26. 11:21 Storm&Man Stinson Beach flood,(EI Nino 1983)
  27. 11:43 Evaporation crepuscular rays, Kauai
  28. 12:38 Evaporation&Man deicing aircraft, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  29. 12:48 Volcanoes&Water volcano eruption by the sea, Hawaii
  30. 13:51 Sun sun & volcano steam, Hawaii
  31. 14:09 (last pic frame)

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16 October 2000