CMSESMC Keynote lecture, 7 March 2004

get 200 balloons

200 CD's



Paul Doherty

Doing science with simple materials.


I'm Paul Doherty, a Senior Scientist with the Exploratorium Teacher Institute.

I love to do science, to discover fun ways to explore the world using inexpensive materials.

Iron Science Teacher


Coins and balloons

Model radioactive decay with coins, Snackbook

Save coins that come up heads 5 times in a row

Model Solids Liquids Gasses radioactive decay with Balloons

Orbit coin inside balloon, model detection of extra solar planets



Exploratorium Science Snackbook,

Scotch Magic Tape as electrostatic charge detector

comb and hair as a charge standard

flying tinsel with wool rubbed PVC or blue foam.

Bill Clinton Story


Square Wheels by Don Rathjen and Paul Doherty

Magnetic recording tape

3 x 5 card, tape, magnet


Science Explorer, Linda Shore

Head Harp Stretch a string around your head and over your ears. Hold the ends in front of you and pluck the string as you change the tension. (What to do if the batteries fail in your MP3 player.)

This book's website was banned by the US Airforce because it contained a recipe for a bubble bomb using baking soda and vinegar inside a ziploc bag.Bubble Bomb and the Airforce.


balloon in 2L bottle


What to do While you're Waiting for the food to Come, Eric Muller

Do Science! Eric's website.

Soy sauce cartesian divers in 2 Liter Bottles

You pay the price for being a science teacher (Sf humorist and Theresa Trejillo-Mejia)

Solar Halo


Lori Lambertson Math Explorer

Exponential folding, how many times can you fold a sheet of newspaper in half?


Karen Kalumuck Human Body Explorations

Proprioception, Do you know where your fingers are?


Modesto Tamez, Math and Science Across Cultures.

Airplane activity, stability and arrows. Center of mass and center of pressure.


My Website

Discovery in the classroom.

Drop a slinky

spin a koosh


Tennis ball on basketball


Size distance person 2x as many seats away

one eye is better than 2



phone cord resonance

spin a slinky

slinky on string


straw oboe


magnets on a pencil


compact disks (soon DVD's)

different light sources

Make a spectrascope.

On overhead projector

Bright point of light (Don't look at the sun!)


Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty

© 2004

11 February 2004