RAFT Dinner

21 October 2003

Magnetism Activities using refrigerator magnets.

An exercise in Going Further.

I worked with John Cassidy at Klutz Press to come up with the choice of magnets which would produce the greatest range of possible activities from the smalest amount of magnets. We chose 5 donut-shaped refrigerator magnets. You each have these magnets at your table.

Let me guide you through some activities.

Magnetic Atmosphere Model, Why it's hardest to be low man on the totem pole.

Silent Collisions, donut magnets on a pencil can be used to explore touchless collisions.

Magnets in freefall, magnetic forces with friction removed.

Magnets Round the Rim, a model for escape velocity

Magnetic Oscilators, balance a magnet on the magnetic field.

Magnetized dinnerwear,(optional)

Reference Book: The Klutz Book of Magnetic Magic

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