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Continental Drift movies of California by Prof. Tonya Atwater


USGS, United States Geological Survey teacher pages

USGS Earthquake hazards

USGS Volcanos


Live from the Faultline, travel the San Andreas many activities.

Interactive map of the breakup of Gondwanaland

APOD, Astronomy picture of the day, a fantastic image each day with science description.


Hubble Heritage Gallery

Best of Hubble

National Space Science Data Center, a few images of all the planets.

Earth and Moon Viewer

Moon from Clementine

Mars Catalog

Mars pathfinder image archive


Hawaii Spacegrant activities

John Domecus' web links,

Geology Labs online, virtual eathquake etc.

Geologic time

Volcano information center

Volcano monitoring techniques.

Volcano list by country

Volcano types &endash;usgs

Nebraska's web page on k &endash;12 geology

Glossary of rock terms with pictures


Good exercise on relative dating


Lots of virtual physics labs running on Java

High school virtual physics labs


Magnet labs and resources

Retail source for magnets


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