Making Battery Holders

There are several ways to make inexpensive battery holders:

0. If you are short on time and long on cash you can buy a commercial battery holder.

Squeeze the battery into the holder. But what fun is that?

1. Aluminum foil, clip leads, and rubber bands or tape.

Cut two square of aluminum foil about 10 cm on a side. Fold the foil into strips about 2 cm wide. Place one strip onto the positive terminal of the battery and one strip over the negative terminal. Hold the strips in place with tape or rubber bands. Attach clip leads to the aluminum foil.

2. Nails and a 1 by 4 board.(C-cell or D-cell)

Cut a 20 cm length of 1 by 4 (2 cm x 10 cm) pine board. Place a battery on the board and drive in one nail (8 or 10 penny finishing nail 3 to 5 cm long) on one side of the battery and two nails on the other side, the triangle of nails will hold the battery in place. Next drive one nail into the board at each terminal end of the battery. Make sure the nails touch the ends of the battery. (You may have to place a wad of aluminum foil between the nail and the negative terminal to insure a good contact.)

3.Paper tubes and nails with AA batteries.

Cut paper into lengths slightly longer than a AA battery, roll the paper into a tube around the battery or batteries. Push a nail through the tubing so that it touches one end of the battery. Push another nail through the tubing touching the other end of the battery. Wrap rubber bands around the outside of the tube passing over the centers of the nails, the rubber bands will pull the nails into contact with the batteries.

4. Paper clips and rubber bands.

Use rubber bands to attach two paper clips one on each end of the battery. Slide the bare ends of wires into the slots of each paper clip.

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