CSTA workshop on Electricity and Magnetism

San Jose 2004

Paul Doherty and Don Rathjen

These are Paul's activities.

Silent Collisions, two donut magnets on a pencil can be used to illustrate elastic and inelastic collisions.

Magnetic Atmosphere Model, balance five magnets on a pencil and model the atmosphere.

Electrostatic Levitation, use an electrically charged PVC rod to levitate a fuzzy nylon "hydra"

Flying Tinsel, you can also levitate tinsel.

Stop the presses: at the end of the workshop a teacher brought up a thin white plastic supermarket bag, we cut out a piece an inch wide and two inches long, rubbed it with wool and flew it over a charged PVC rod!

Repel a Grape, neodymium magnets will repel a grape via diamagnetism.

Magnetic Tape, Bits and bytes, use pieces of cassette recording tape to investigate magnetic recording.

Magnetic levitation in copper, you can "fly" a neodymium magnet between two slabs of copper by using a second neodymium magnet.

Audible Magnetic Domains, you can hear the magnetic domain walls move insde a piece of metal by using an amplified speaker and a coil of wire.

Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty

© 2004

16 Oct 2004