15-20 Nov 2004

Day 1 Exhibit: Comparing Yellows Looking at yellows, one yellow is a single wavelength, the other is the sum of red and green. Different people see different things.

More on Color, an entire day-long lesson about color with explorations.

Spectrometer made wiith a compact disk.

Spectra observations with the spectrometer.

Lesson Magnetism, magnets are compasses, like poles repel, unlike poles attract, the magnetic field of the earth.

Magnetism of the planets.

Magnetism of the earth,

 The geodynamo, a USGS write-up on how the earth's magnetic field is created.

 The transistor, connect LED's to a transistor and observe how it is a current controlled current source.



Scientific Explorations with Paul Doherty

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15 Nov 2004