Stripped Down Motor

From: Joseph Antonello (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 20:18:28 PDT

Hello Everyone,
My son's school has no science textbook! It is entirely hands-on, with
no reading/study material for exams or word lists.
I have just reviewed the first 'sheet' to come home in these weeks, in
which he has drawn a diagram of a 'spinning coil motor'. He stated the 2
classes (43 students) have completed this 2 week study of electricity
and that only 2 students were able to get the motor to 'spin'.
The main difference between his diagram and yours, is that on the
positive pole - line they interrupted with a light bulb .
After reviewing your notes on this project, I feel the bulb & it's
holder were the difficulty for the remaining students.
Professionally, do you feel that 2 out 43 students don't succeed in
their efforts, on such a task, should be considered a success and time
to go on from there?
What about the circuit?
Karan Antonello

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