concave mirrors,on large format

From: Rob Gagné (
Date: Tue Dec 06 2033 - 03:09:21 PST

We are a science center in Canada called Science North who have a
production and theatre unit that creates theatrical presentations. I
have recently ordered the Mirage Maker a optical fx unit that creates a
holographic image of a real objects. I wondered if anyone you know has
created a very large version of this say 8 - 10 feet in size ? One issue
that I do not like about unit that you to look down on the unit to see
floating object, it would be much better if the object floated above (4'
or 5' above mirors?) I would like to know as well if anyone knows of a
way to create a floating object in thin air, but on a large scale.(5 ft
object). Does anyone know of supplier or contacts that would be useful
for us? We can be reached at :

Science North
100 Ramsey lk. rd.,
Canada, P3E 5S9
contact: Rob Gagne
705-522-3701 ext 220
fax 705-522-4954

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