From: Benedetto Garacci (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 22:34:27 PDT

I know magenta color from light is equal parts of Blue and Red. but they
seem to be on opposite ends of the electromagneticspectrum? What is the
wave length of Blue? Red? and magneta? in Nanometers.....?//??????

Why is the white light spectrum depicted as a straight line Blue to Red ,
etc. and if so .... why is Magenta the only color you can obtain from
combining the lower and upper ends of the white light spectrum?

Can you answer these questions? No, one else can seem to help me. I've even
found mistakes on afterglow and afterimage in the Americana Encylopedias?

Plese respond

Benedetto Garacci/Potographer/Artist

Thank you!

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