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Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 18:00:45 PDT

You may be able to find helpful information on
Give them a try.

Nina Thayer
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> I know magenta color from light is equal parts of Blue and Red. but they
> seem to be on opposite ends of the electromagneticspectrum? What is the
> wave length of Blue? Red? and magneta? in Nanometers.....?//??????
> Why is the white light spectrum depicted as a straight line Blue to Red ,
> etc. and if so .... why is Magenta the only color you can obtain from
> combining the lower and upper ends of the white light spectrum?
> Can you answer these questions? No, one else can seem to help me. I've even
> found mistakes on afterglow and afterimage in the Americana Encylopedias?
> Plese respond
> sincerely,
> Benedetto Garacci/Potographer/Artist
> email:
> Thank you!

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