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Thanks, Nina-

I just got my hands on a microammeter, so I will be testing away before
showing this demo to some new science teachers. One of my students did a
lovely display on this project several years ago, but he used plates that
were quite thick -- and pricey. I didn't want to spend more than I needed


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I'm going to forward your question to the expert, but I will also take a
stab at answering. I think you need something a little thicker than
foil. In a previous posting, it was reported that "I tried my digital
multimeter at home with two kitchen pans, and got a noticeable current
reading on the 200 microamp scale and a noticeable voltage reading on
the 2 volt scale" so you don't need anything too thick or exotic to get
results. You could always experiment with the foil. The Snack suggests
trying different metals to further experiment, so why not try the foil?
If you don't want to use kitchen pans, you might try a hardware store
for supplies.

Hope that helps.

Nina Thayer
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> Would you be able to tell me how thick (min/max) the two metal plates
> be? Would foil do, or does the metal have to be thicker?
> Can you recommend a source?
> Thanks.
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